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Myles McCormack - Comfort Zone (single)

Writing impactful songs with a delicate touch, Myles McCormack is influenced by everything from earthy ballads to angsty metal. Based in Belfast, his playing has been honed through the traditional music scene, hosting the Sunday session in the popular Sunflower Bar. At the same time, Myles has gathered a cache of original material, showcased in a debut album, Real Talk (2019) and a string of increasingly strong releases.

At the opening of 2022 he was confirmed as the Artist-In-Residence at the prestigious Out To Lunch festival in the city (postponed to CQAF in May). His first recorded output of the year is a song called ‘Comfort Zone’, recorded at Start Together Studios and engineered by Carl Small from the band Mob Wife. Again, this is an exercise in emotional shades and finely considered lyrics.

Myles has chosen not to berate his listeners, but ‘Comfort Zone’ and previous works such as 'When’ and 'The River Rises' are cautionary stories about a world that’s ill at ease. “For me, it’s not wanting to lecture people all the time, but thinking about these things moves me to write. I’d like to lull people with a nice musical experience and then subtly direct them somewhere meaningful.”

Right from the start and true to its name, there's something comforting about the new track. McCormack's vocal is delicate, like a soft balm that heals and protects. The atmospheric arrangement makes you get lost in the music, the outside world doesn't exist as long as the music plays. The warmth of the delivery is inviting, familiar.

He’s a multi-instrumentalist and favours fingerstyle guitar for songs and mandolin and banjo for tunes. For the recent recording sessions he worked with drummer Conor McAuley  (New Pagans, Balkan Alien Sound). Part of the method was to keep the music sounding intimate. “I didn’t want to get too far from the feeling of being in my bedroom as that's essentially how I write, so certain elements were recorded at home”.

Working on a second album, Myles is supported by the Oh Yeah Music Centre and their ‘Scratch’ programme of music development. It is a moment of focus in an otherwise busy career. He also plays and records with the group Lonesome George and is collaborating on a new project with the internationally acclaimed trad band Réalta.

"We’re only known
As dust in the atmosphere
Rust on a train-wreck
Left over another year"


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