Music from the Heart

Myles McCormack - By Demons (single)

Belfast based musician Myles McCormack occupies a very special place within the Irish music community. Beyond his work with innovative trad/fusion group Lonesome George, Myles crafts careful, considered tales under his own name. In 2019 he released his debut solo album with a sold out show in Belfast’s Duncairn Arts Centre. Also an accomplished traditional musician, he kicked off 2020 on a US tour singing and playing mandolin with Irish traditional stalwarts Réalta, and has been working on new music at home since the lockdown began. Making the most of this time away from the live circuit, Myles produces his music from home, while also working on a new album with his band Lonesome George.

The classical training is more than evident right from the first strum in his new single By Demons. You can tell he's not only a skilled guitarist but his soft vocal combined with the guitar and drums based melody creates a truly haunting track. The atmospheric vibe plays with the imagination, the lyrics make the listener think, the lines such as "we will never be alone they say" may refer to the darker corners of our mind and thoughts hidden in there. All kinds of interpretations possible, depending on what you believe in. Because - hand on the heart - we all believe in something and doesn't matter what you call it.

"ghosts and shadow sing my song

leave a candle for your memory

but bring everyone along"


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