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My Twisted Heart - Heartbreaker (single)

My Twisted Heart is an alternative genre-blending singer-songwriter, and the brainchild of multi-disciplinarian musician Po Ki Ching. His life journey has seen him live both in Hong Kong and in Ireland, where he studied at UCC, in Cork. Developing an interest in singing and playing covers from a young age, while listening to canton pop, j-rock, and k-rock, his creativity blossomed when he met fellow Cork creatives Outsider YP and Kestine, with whom he formed ‘Outsiders’, a creative collective, in 2017. He has gone onto collaborate extensively as part of ‘Outsiders’, steadily contributing to their output since.

Heartbreaker is the second single from his upcoming debut EP "Heart Leak" is s set to explore themes of heartbreak, through a marriage of Eastern and Western alternative and hip-hop influenced sounds. To be released on January 14th. Heartbreaker starts with dreamy pop intro before the mood changes, the tempo quickens and the feelings expressed in the piece intensify. Lyrics are quite simple, the attention is drawn to the music and overall vibe that would be well suitable for a club.

"Looking at my homies know we keep it mob ties

Breaking all the rules thinking I’m a rockstar"

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