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Mute The Tv - Did You Ever Think It Would Be Like This (single)

Mute The TV are a two piece band of brothers, Elliot Crampton and Dylan E. Crampton, based in Greystones, Co.Dublin. Fusing together their respective influences and musical styles, their aim is to approach their music in a way that neither of them are accustomed to. With Dylan and Elliot being brothers and perfectionists, many times an argument ensues during the recording process, something that has plagued many bands before them, but given that they are brothers, it always turns right.

The brothers started the project during the first Coronavirus lockdown as a way to stay busy and creative and released three singles, ‘’With You’’ which features their friend and local musician, Jack Joyce, ‘’Only The Good Times Matter’’ which has been streamed over twenty thousand times on Spotify and charity Christmas single, ''Christmas Without You'' - where they managed to raise a whopping €600 for the ISPCC through downloads of the song. Both Dylan and Elliot have been releasing music under various guises since 2012, but this is the first time that they have joined musical forces. With appearances at various Irish festivals, the RTE Late Late Show and Whelan’s One’s To Watch, the brothers are combining their experiences and are excited to see where it takes them, no rules apply. They are currently working on their debut album - Love, Hate and Devotion.

Their new single, Did You Ever Think It Would Be Like This is an energetic number with strong guitar riffs, drum leading us through with steady beats. The lyrics have a dark tone, the singer is figuring out his chances in a relationship where his chosen girl is not willing to let him explain where they stand.  " i've got a lot to tell you but you would't up your ears"

There could be a reference found to current state of the world " so concerned about the future 'cause everything is so unclear"  The sound is full, heavy and loud, fitting for a club performance. Musically more interesting than the lyric content, this seems like something the majority of music listeners nowadays is looking for. Simple, catchy, easy to sing along.

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