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Mute The Tv - Christmas Without You (single)

Mute The TV are a two piece band from Greystones, Co.Wicklow, Ireland. The band consists of brothers Elliot and Dylan Crampton Fusing together their respective influences and musical styles, their aim is to approach their music in a way that neither of them are accustomed to The project began with the song ''With You'' which was released on April 17th 2020 - written in an hour around their mother's kitchen table. Neither brother felt it suited their current musical pursuits and so began Mute The TV. They are now preparing to release their second single ''Only The Good Times Matter''. With Dylan and Elliot being brothers and perfectionists, many an argument ensues during the recording process, something that has plagued many bands before them, but given that they are brothers, it always turns right. Both Dylan and Elliot have been forging a path for themselves in the music industry for many years. Elliot fronted Indie Pop Rock band Redwoods who appeared on The Late Late Show and many festivals around Ireland in their time and Dylan has been releasing music as Dylan E. Crampton since 2018 and has also appeared on The Late Late Show and has had success with radio play in Ireland and on the BBC. "Christmas Without You" is their Christmas single.
The song is as pop as it gets, too sentimental at times, bringing the classic Christmas nostalgia in. There is the sadness of not being with a loved one, the expectations of the gfts, a little fairy tale element when mentioning Santa Claus. The two vocals blend nicely, the lyrics may seem simple at first glance but carry a deeper meaning.  What really matters during Christmas are the people you spend the time with.

" Christmas, it's time for joy and toys and love"

All proceeds from the sale of the single on Bandcamp will be donated to the ISPCC Childline. We encourage you to support the good cause if you can afford that.


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