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Morning Midnight - Talk (single)

UK/Irish duo Morning Midnight release their new song 'Paradise'. A juxtaposition that makes sense from the jump, the bedroom-pop duo have created a sound where you constantly feel like you’re falling whilst being held. Made up of singer/ songwriter Jordan Scott, whose personal lyrics and soaring vocals captivate, and Jess Pascal whose background in production, piano playing and synthesis both ground and illuminate the group’s sound.

Like a cloak and dagger, Morning Midnight’s music holds comfort in its haunting, yet resonating lyricism. Their debut EP ‘Swimming Lessons’ was an unfiltered work that drew you into a place of retrospective feeling, and has amassed 2 million streams on Spotify alone. Lead singles ‘You & I’ and ‘Ancoats Junction’ root the bands unique harmonies and vocal layering with a raw electronic sound, weaving melancholic stories with a distinct sense of hope.

Growing up in the suburbs of Merseyside in a house that was always playing music, Jordan Scott’s path as a singer/songwriter felt conventionally inevitable. His home provided a platform for the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Shania Twain and Jeff Buckley to make early impressions on his younger self. Although, it was at 15 when he started to find inspiration for his own sound amongst indie artists such as Death Cab for Cutie, John Martyn and Frightened Rabbit. Their self-reflective and poetic approach to songwriting inspired Scott to write his own songs from the comfort of his bedroom, playing to no one but himself and his insecurities.

 At 22, whilst studying film, a Bon Iver show in Glasgow was the catalyst he needed to finally jump-start his career. Singing in front of people for the first time, Scott went on to play open mic nights and started recording demos to send to friends, quickly realising that his music was resonating with them; with one of them being Jess. 

Hailing from the sleepy town of Lancaster, but with Irish parents, Jess Pascal grew up in a turbulent home. Her parents were both keen players of traditional Irish music, with her dad playing the banjo and her mother playing the concertina. However, it was after hearing Michael Nyman at the age of 7 that Jess decided to start her own musical journey and learn the piano. As an introverted ‘tomboy’ at high school, Pascal found herself a social outsider after coming out as bisexual at the age of 15. 

However, she found solace spending her lunchtimes in music rooms listening to pop music and learning Taylor Swift songs on piano. It was after starting college that she discovered dance music and finally found her people, having the likes of Bonobo, Four Tet and Burial on heavy rotation to soundtrack a new found love for music production. By 18, Pascal had her own tracks playing on Radio 1’s late night dance shows and moved to Leeds to start studying music production. It was during her first semester at Uni when she was sent one of Scott’s demos and was so moved by what she heard that she decided to quit her course the very next week.

Morning Midnight is the story of two individuals living on the outside who have brought themselves in. A duo whose music will make you feel every emotion like it was the first time, with hook-filled melodies that bring a familiar comfort weaving alongside a lyricism that creates a longing for introspection. Look out for their upcoming debut LP ‘Happy Hour’ out in October 2022 on Faction Records.

Their new single 'Talk' encapsulates both of their strengths. About the new single the band say "Talk is my favourite song on the album. It’s about growing up and learning to stand on your own two feet, but also learning to deal with the insecurity that comes with making your own decisions.  When you’re young the relationships you have with people feel like they’ll last forever but the heartbreaking reality is that as you move through life those relationships can drift or even break down, and I wanted to try and capture the feeling of coming to terms with that."

Talk is a gentle atmospheric track, the thoughtful lyrics make you think about what you heard long after the song is long over.  The slow, almost meditative melody, only intensifies the message of the song. In the current climate where the world rushes more than we like, we need more songs like this, that make us reflect on what we have, enjoy every moment, here and now.

"But I don’t want to stay the same
Like chasing shadows in my sleep
I’m never gonna have the guts to call you up
And tell you what it means to me

Artwork: Harvey Pearson

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