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Moon Looks On - Friends Keep Dropping (single)

Moon Looks On is the musical project of Irish singer-songwriter Stephen Gormley. Originally a trance DJ from Sligo, Stephen picked up a guitar for the first time 10 years ago. So instant was his connection with the instrument, and so blatant was his talent as a musician, that in 2014 he decided to move to Dublin to study for a degree in Commercial Modern Music at BIMM Dublin. That was in 2015 and he hasn’t looked back since. Moon Looks On subsequently released an eponymous, five-track EP that garnered enough attention for the band to be booked to perform at Other Voices (2016), Electric Picnic (2017), Sligo Live (2017), Westport Arts Festival (2017) and Knockanstockan (2018) and Somerset House London (2017). With a debut album due for release later in the year, it’s looking like 2020 will be huge for Moon Looks On.

The first single from the anticipated album is called Friends Keep Dropping and has that vibe which on one hand makes you sit back, relax and enjoy the music but on the other hand the message of the song is a powerful one that stays in your head and often times you find yourself relating to what the singer is trying to express. This could be the case of the following  words delivered in Stephen's remarkable style  "every time I try to breath I can feel you in my chest."

And going right back to the start of the song, the opening line "friends keep dropping like the flies on a window" hits something inside without you even noticing it on the first listen. That's the craft of the finest writers, to affect the listener immediately and deepen the impact as the song develops. A line like this doesn't leave any doubt Stephen Gormley belongs among them.

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