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Michael Lane - Remember the Days (single)

If there is one modern folk pop artist who has seen the harsh realities in life, it is Michael Lane himself. Sent to Iraq and Afghanistan as a US soldier in his twenties, Michael was
forced into cruelty and that Face the ugly. If his previous albums were like a kind of musical diary in which these experiences were processed, one notices that with his new album, Michael Lane regained lightheartedness and joy. „Remember The Days“ is a message of hope and the positive certainty that a time of crisis and reflection will lead people back to the important things.

Successes such as two top 50 songs in the German charts, four albums, international tours and the single "Liberty" as the official song of the Four Hills Tournament 2015/2016 made
the German-American famous. Several songs have already found their way onto Spotify and Apple Music editorial playlists, and are presented by well-known tastemakers such as
alexrainbirdMusic, Indie Folk Central, Starbucks Playlists and Double J Music. In addition to his work as a musician, Michael Lane is currently also active as a songwriter for Production Music and as a music producer in his remote "Studio Waldblick".

This is what he said about his latest release "Remember the Days" - Remember the days" is a personal reflection on my past fears about the future and love. It tells the story of how meeting someone special can change your perspective on life. The song highlights the importance of reuniting with someone you love and cherishing the memories you shared together. It represents the hope of finding that missing piece in your life and the desire to grow old with someone you truly care for."

Acoustic evocative track with heartfelt lyrics carries a heartwarming feeling with hints of nostalgia and hope. An upbeat chorus is catchy, Lane is pouring his heart into this song and it shows. The universal meaning of the words goes beyond what is being said.  The importance of togetherness, the connection, something we all strongly felt and missed during the pandemic. And as the artist says with these words, you never know what happens when you meet that special person in your life once again.

"The love that we had it wasn't a work of art

but now it's time to bring back to life"

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