Music from the Heart

Michael Lane - Moment (single)

Successes such as two top 50 songs in the German charts, four albums, international tours and the single "Liberty" as the official song of the 2015/2016 Four Hills Tournament, Europe’s biggest international ski jump event, have made Michael Lane, a German-American, known to the public. In addition to his work as a musician, Michael Lane is currently also active as a songwriter for production music and as a music producer in his remote "Studio Waldblick“ His latest single, Moment, is a follow up to his previous releases Take It Slow and Coming Home.

An optimistic track with bright sounds brings the much needed hope for the future and positive mindset. The opening line says it all " open up your heart, let the sunshine in, it's a brand new start and new day begins" says it all. Lane's warm and consoling vocal encourages the listener to keep looking forward and not backwards. How appropriate to the times we are living in, don't you think? There is so much going on in the outside world, it has been crazy from the start so a bit of calm and positive thinking is needed more than before. As the song suggests, reconnecting with the nature is one of the best ways to become yourself again. And love. Lane sings "only love will keep you going" and we would add "be grateful for the little things you have." Because, in the end, it's the little things that make the life complete.

"life's too short to be living in the past so stay close to the present moment"

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