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Michael Lane - Fire in the Night (single)

If there is a modern folk-pop artist who has seen the harsh realities in life, it is Michael Lane himself. As a US soldier in his twenties, sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, Michael was forced to live at cruelty . Successes such as two top 50 songs in the German charts, four albums, international tours and the single "Liberty" as the official song of the 2015/2016 Four Hills Tournament, Europe’s biggest international ski jump event, have made Michael Lane, a German-American, known to the public. In addition to his work as a musician, Michael Lane is currently also active as a songwriter for production music and as a music producer in his remote "Studio Waldblick“.

This is what Lane had to say about his new release "After I got out of the army, a group of friends and I went hiking and camping in the smokey mountains. I remember how amazing it was, out in nature, in the middle of this beautiful gorge. Fire in the night is a kind of tribute to that time. Being in the army was being in a prison, and getting out and going camping was the escape. I remember how we made masks from tree bark and danced around the campfire atnight, dancing, singing and sharing a bottle of merlot, I’ll never forget it! We are the light in the darkness, no job or status defines who we truly are."

His latest single Fire in the Night is a summer anthem in the truest sense of the word. Starting with simple guitar strumms before turning into a danceable pop track, this song can be described as a "carefree" song.  Lane's distinctive vocal invites us to have a good time, enjoy everything summer brings, friends, fun, "not a worry in the world". There is also a deeper meaning in the song, the idea of finding yourself and your purpose when you connect with nature.

"keep the campfire burnin

if your feelin lost dont know where to go

look into the flame feel your heart beat slow

 dont be afraid

 the spirit of the earth is lookin out for you"

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