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Micah - Stranger (single)

Stranger is the latest release by Irish singer Micah, making a change in her sound. It is a song inspired by dating app Tinder. The idea of trying to find ‘your’ person. However, when you begin dating you have some idea of what you are seeking in a partner or perhaps lover, and this is what the track tries to achieve with a pulsing beat and authentic storytelling. Lyrics and melody are by Micah and produced by LA based Killian Cruiser and mastered by Sony, Universal, Warner, EMI producer Christoph ‘Hadi’ Hassel.

Riding high on the success of her 2021 releases ‘Invisible Fire’ and ‘Take Me Away’, with national and international radio play and with her national TV appearance on RTE’S ‘Last Singer Standing’, along with write-ups in icon magazines such as HotPress, the Tipperary born singer- songwriter is going from strength to strength. Spotify streams over 30k times and airplay on national radio stations such as 2FM, SPIN 1038, RED FM and many more, Micah is gaining more and more awareness.

Micah trained at Bimm Dublin, an accomplished singer-songwriter, who is a seasoned live performer and recording artist. She has been compared to Sia, Robyn and Lady Gaga in terms of vocal ability and song-writing  that is fresh and authentic.

Stranger has a strong melody that backs up Micah's powerful vocal. She showcases her range and eventhough the lyrics seem to be quite simple and straightforward, the catchy pop melody elevates the whole piece, making it something that gets stuck in the listener's ears long after the song has finished. Micah's vocal is pleasant to the ear, there's  a hopeful aura throughout the track.

"So, stranger

Take me home

I don't even know

But I'm willing to give you everything"

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