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Mia Yermeche - Comfortable (single)

Irish singer/songwriter Mia Yermeche has just recently embarked on her music career by releasing her debut single ‘Butterflies’ which came out when she was doing her Leaving Cert.. Mia recently took part in the televised competition programme, ‘The Big Deal’ which she describes as “an amazing experience and opportunity to gain insight, experience and also knowledge about the entertainment industry”Spending her weekends training at performing arts school and classically training her voice, Mia found her love for RnB music of the 90s and the 00s. Mia counts Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Kehlani as some of her biggest musical influences.

Based on personal experiences, her new single Comfortable tells a story of one friend helping another in a toxic relationship after several red flags start cropping up. She tries to give a well-meant advice yet the final decision isn't upon her after all. And we cannot change the fact although we might have the best intentions in cases like this.

Yermeche shows her soulful vocal capable of being both gentle and resolute. The track has pop and R'n'B feel. The vocal has a persuasive tone and we sense the urgency and the intentions to help in the way the worfs are delivered.

"he lied when you said to you "babe I've got you for life""

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