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Megan O'Neill - Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

Kildare singer-songwriter Megan O’Neill celebrates the release of  her second full length studio album, ‘Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty’ . This much anticipated album follows her LP ‘Ghost of You’ (June 2018) which hit #1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts in the UK and Ireland. The recording process began in October 2018 in Leeds, UK, with Joe and Dave Dunwell whilst Megan was living in London. Megan had been working with The Dunwells for a few years previous and found a great creative chemistry there, whenever they wrote together or played music together. eemed a “rising star” by uDiscover and Timeout Magazine London, Megan’s new album has already received huge attention in the sync world, with one track featured in the opening scenes of a new major Netflix series, ‘Firefly Lane’, which aired March 2021. She also performed it live on RTÉ’s Late Late Show.

To date Megan has toured the UK, Ireland, US and Germany. She has performed at private Oscars’ parties in LA alongside Gavin James (on invite from JJ Abrams) and has had her song ‘Don’t You’ featured on ABC’s hit TV Show ‘Nashville’ (Season 3). In 2019 Megan opened three stadium shows for the legendary Sir Tom Jones. In the first few months of 2020, Megan opened for Lighthouse Family at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin, and Jamie Cullum at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty’ consists of 13 songs – 12 originals and one cover. It is mostly autobiographical, yet the songs touch on range of universal topics – struggles with career, fear of change, moving to a new city or away from somewhere you love, unhealthy relationships. The songs vary from intimate and vulnerable (Head Under Water, Winter Sun, Strangers Before we Met) to confident and resilient (Underrated, Should’ve Known Better) to lonely and wistful (Ireland).  

The opening track, Should've Known Better has the gospel feel, the whole arrangement carrying strong resemblance to Hozier.  Lyrically, the song deals with doubts, regrets and "what ifs". Despite the seriousness of the theme, the track has an uplifting and quite surprising end " hold on - it's only in my mind". This could be interpreted as what we all know, some better than they would have liked - there are times we are overthinking things instead of going with the flow and taking the situation as it comes. We can only blame ourselves when that happens.

Ireland expresses the love for the homeland in the most heartfelt way. It captures the realization what a place means to you when you're away. Such a powerful track that touches the deepest corners of your soul. And you don't need to be from Ireland exclusively to relate to these lyrics. We have no doubt there are many among you who feel the same way without necessary having the blood of the Emerald Isle in your veins.

"I only learnt to love you now that I'm gone"

Strangers Before We Met echoes the famous saying by W.B.Yeats " There are no strangers here. Just friends you haven't yet met".  Starting with some delightful guitar picking and strings joining in, the lyrics vividly describe not-so ordinary train journey for two people. Something they will remember eventhough it lasts just a short while. As O'Neill sings "I've known you all my life and that's why I can't believe that we were once strangers before we met" You may also have somebody like that in your life, don't you?

London City expresses affection towards the UK capital. Strongly autobiographical lyrics, backed up by the piano and delivered in an intimate manner, show what moving away from your native land can do with a human being, O'Neill sings "you've kept me crazy, you;ve kept me sane, you hold no limits you let me explore. Find out who I am - who I'm not anymore"

"you changed me to find me"

Rootless changes the mood  yet again, the melody is more upbeat, the overall vibe stronger and more confident. The song captures the essence of freedom of a free-spirited person who cannot be tied down.

Time in a Bottle is another from the collection of those intimate songs where the singer wears her heart on her sleeve, expressing her feelings for the special soul  in her life.  The piano is a perfect instrument for such an emotional song. Love is pouring out of every note and every word yet not in a overbearing way. The dose is well weighted and O'Neill's warm vocal makes the song resonate with the listener even stronger.

"You're the one I wanna go through time with..."

The title of the album summs up what current climate is about, adapting to the new reality, getting used to "new normal" as somebody say.  After all, a musician is constantly learning and constantly evolving and Megan O'Neill is no exception.

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