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Maya Isacowitz - Nature Is My Hood (single)

Maya Isacowitz is a singer songwriter, originally from Kibbutz Maayan Baruch, Israel, with South African roots. She initially made a name for herself performing with her guitar, capturing the ears of many, with her unique voice and vulnerable presence.Maya grew up in a home filled with music, and a father who builds musical instruments. Her music combines a wide range of styles and influences- from acoustic folk and African groove, to edgy rock and electronic pop, all wrapped in her tender voice and poignant lyrics. Her debut album 'Safe & Sound', which was independently released in 2011, reached Gold inIsrael. It was frequently aired on the radio and peaked on the charts. She was named 'Best NewArtist' for 2012 in Israel.

Her second album, 'All Of The Miles’, was released in August 2015, to much acclaim from critics and music connoisseurs alike. Produced by Brooklyn-based musician, J. Viewz, it won The Akademia award in the US, for Best Folk Album 2016. In 2019 she released the EP, ‘Sparkle’, in collaboration with the artist and producer, Tomer Yosef ( B a l k a n B e a t B o x ) . I t b r o u g h t a f r e s h n e w v i b e a n d f l a v o u rto her music and live show, revealing Maya's evolution as an artist and performer, combining her folk roots with electronic dark pop. Maya was based in New York for over 4 years. She toured extensively in the United States and Europe, appearing in clubs and music festivals, such as Mountain Jam, SXSW, Sziget Festival and more. Maya is currently based in Israel and will be releasing her fourth album in 2022.

Her new single, Nature Is My Hood, combines dreamy pop melody with her soulful vocal resembling some of the divas in the genre. Powerful lyrics resonate with the listener. Love is the main theme of this track. Love for nature is the obvious one yet you may feel there is something deeper as we uncover more layers of this composition.

"We grow together

He sees me as I am

At times it feels like it’s forever

No need to speak ‘cause we understand"

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