Music from the Heart

Maul Park - Storybooks

Every creative person knows how hard it is to figure out a stage name if you don't want to use your own. Brothers Paul and Mark Byrne from Dublin solved this mystery in a very clever way by reversing the first letters in their names and Maul Park entered the world. Simple and catchy.

Opening track Beautiful Day has that vibe from the 80s or early 90s but what separates it from the songs back then are the vocals. Effortless,  delivered in convincing manner. Not only in this song but on the whole album. You can hear the influences of some legendary bands in the overall sound.

Beautiful To Me is a gentle piano ballad, romantic indeed but not too much. We all need the right dose of romance in our lives in this crazy world. You can hear certain sadness in the song as well but that's probably the intention as the song is a tribute to a mother.

Her Sorrow, a highlight on the album, has a dark twist to it, a sad story, some may feel an influence of English trad songs here "...too young to have business in sorrow..."

Going Away seems like a marching tune paying tribute to those who fought in the war.  "...they gave me a gun to fight overseas...."

CShanty closes the album on a funny note and shows that the MaulPark guys are capable of writing both funny and dramatic songs.

This collection shows beautiful harmonies that could serve as an example how this should be done.

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