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Martin Praetorius - To the Dreamers (single)

The Essen, Germany born singer-songwriter has long been at home on the stages of the world and has toured in Scandinavia, Ireland, England and Scotland, Greenland and the USA.
He had been living on the road, touring constantly without a permanent base for a couple of years, when the pandemic stopped him in his tracks. Stranded on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany, he started recording and releasing new material. Eoin O'Neill and Fiachna Ó Braonáin started playing him on Irish radio. He has been a regular since on an increasing number of radio stations across Ireland and the UK. His music couches somewhere in the twilight zone between Roots-Rock, Folk, Americana and Celtic influences.

Although inspired by many of the great songwriters, often sharing the stage with well known acts of the international songwriting scene, Martin Praetorius presents his own style and sings
short stories that aim point-blank, straight at the heart. He has released two albums under his name, "Affairs of the heart" and the current, "Tales from the feverworld", on the German POTTpeople label. The new album, "It's Ok, I'm still laughing!" is scheduled for the spring of 2022.

His latest single, very appropriately called "To the Dreamers", is the last single released before his new album comes out. The Celtic influence is undeniable here. Not only in the guitar playing but most noticeably in Praetorius 'vocal. You'll find it hard to believe he's not Irish. The smell of the Atlantic sea is in there. This indie rock sounding track carries an inspiring message for us all - to follow your heart and your path because there§s adventure waiting ahead. Don't worry about the obstacles in the way, it's part of the journey.  Praetorius sings "at times what seems easy can't be done" but overall, this song will make you believe in the infinite posibilities and spark the fire in your heart.

"here's to the dreamers - keep dreamin'on"

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