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Martin Praetorius - Out of this Town (single)

The Essen, Germany born singer-songwriter, has long been at home on the stages of the world and has toured Scandinavia, Ireland, England and Scotland, Greenland and the USA. He has been described as having an Irish heart and spent muchof his time living in Ireland sharing his passion for original music and songwriting. He’s gained a huge array of admirers for his talent including Fiachna Ó Braonain of the Hothouse Flowers, Matt McGinn and Ralph McClean to name but a few.

The uplifting catchy folk pop track was written during the early months of 2020 at The Barn in the North of Germany, it tackles the habit of dwelling in the aftermath of an unhappy relationship for way too long, thinking it over and over again and trying to make right what probably wasn't meant to be in the first place. Sometimes it takes a friendly reminder from the outside world, that there is life and new possibilities, if you give yourself a jolt and start looking for them. The song features the rich and colourful guitar skills of Ulrich Rode, who is a household name among Germany's finest musicians and a longtime member of legendary German outfit "BAP"

You can instantly smell the Irish sea from Martin's vocal delivery. He is the prime example of the saying " You don't have to be born Irish to be Irish". Martin Praetorius is definitely Ireland's adopted son. And he only cements that with each release. "Out of this town" was named Song of the week on David Dee Moore Radio Show.

"Against the wind that's blowing
You got to keep on rowing
Look at the sunlight coming
Right across the bay"

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