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Marketa Irglova - The Season (single)

Following the recent announcement of her forthcoming album LILA, Marketa Irglova has shared the second single, ‘The Season’, along with a breathtaking companion video. ‘The Season’ marks Irglova’s triumphant return to releasing new music after an eight-year hiatus and fresh off the heels of sold-out 15th Anniversary shows celebrating Once, the movie which featured Irglova as both actor and songwriter. 

The Season’ is a showcase for Irglova’s classical musical training, a discipline she studied for years before finding a wider audience in The Swell Season and Once. In ‘The Season’ Irglova transports the listener back to the 18th century as the sounds of a baroque painting come to life.  A casual walk thru a sunlight English garden or evening by the fire as the songs love torn protagonist asks, “If you’ve had thoughts of me when you lie in bed?”

Irglova acknowledges that she drew direct inspiration for ‘The Season’ from the show Bridgerton, which she fell in love with during the pandemic. She notes that along with Bridgerton shows Altered Carbon, Normal People and The Witcher brought about almost synthesia-like moments during quarantine in which songs would come to life in her head and spill out into recorded form.

The Season’ sonically moves and dances like a ballerina on stage and the accompanying video perfectly encapsulates this feeling along with its Bridgerton inspired themes. Shot in the Unesco protected site of Arcibiskupsky Zamek at a castle in Kromeriz, Czech Republic, it was the location of Milos Forman’s movie Amadeus. Located just down the road from Irglova’s hometown, the video marks a return to her home ground and roots. Produced by a Czech agency called Little Greta, it was directed and filmed by Radim Vanous, starring Alejandra Jara and Yannier Oviedo, whom had collaborated with Irglova before in her ‘Among The Living’ video.

From the first notes and opening chords, time seems to disappear. You are taken on a journey. not only back in time but also deeper into your own heart, the evocative soundscapes bring out hidden memories and feelings. The vocal is heavy with sentiment, but not overdosing the listener with it, giving the song exactly what it needs to make the impact. Another proof that the female star of Once has come a long way.

"If only love was more like dancing,
Beautiful and full of grace,
No trying to hard or pretending,
Feeling out of place"

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