Music from the Heart

Mark Wilkins - EP1

Mark Wilkins is an Irish composer, songwriter and musician. A multi-instrumentalist based in Cork City, he has composed original music for live theatre (Gare Saint Lazare Players, Macnas, Theatre Lovett, Intersections), radio productions (UCC Campus Radion/RTE Lyric FM) and documentary films. A recently completed album of original songs recorded with acclaimed vocalist Vickie Keating (Christy Moore/Declan Sinnott) and drummer Trevor Kiely will be released in the form of a series of four EPs over the next six months. It was recorded on an archaic portable desk at various locations around Cork, including the basement of the much missed Crowleys Music Centre.

Opening track, Pound For Pound, demonstrates what this collection is about - well-crafted melodies that carve their way into your brain and fine lyrics that demand attention.

Spinning, clearly a highlight on the EP, is an example of the aforementioned.  A catchy riff gets into your head and the lyrics cut to the core.

Lament seems like a perfect track when you need to relax, forget about the outside world, at least for a while.

Underwind has a slightly different feel from the rest, more upbeat, you almost see the fire burning in the backround and feel the heat. Isn't that a wonderful feeling, especially with Christmas approaching?

Vessels is another dreamy track that truly transports you to another space. The music brings images of ships and the sea. The voice of Vickie Keating is like that of a fairy coming from the land of dreams and bringing the magic with her. Let her guide you...

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