Music from the Heart

Mark Peters - Spirits (EP)

London born Vienna based songwriter Mark Peters comes with his EP Spirits. From the first chords of the opening track you could tell he's a master of his instrument. The guitar is there to serve his songs and co-create the magic with his soft and evocative vocal.

You can notice the London accent of the singer more clearly in Move me than in any other song on the album. The guitar keeps providing the same unmistakable sound.

24 years is a catchy song with a few signature guitar riffs and what is typical for all Peters' songs - powerful songwriting ("she goes onto my blood like a mosquito"). Here is a video for the track

Chinese torture tells another story about a love that's finished ( "it was like a dose of chinese torture, every cut you made was deeper than the first"). The tone of the song seems to be quite dark ("my wishing well it has run dry of water") but we all know once something ends there is a new start around the corner.

Title track has the haunting feel from the start. Mark seems to be calling the spirits in with this song...The chorus is really strong and delivered with all the power that he has. Comparing to the verses that are more gentle. You might even start believing in other worlds while listening to this song...

This album clearly presents Mark Peters as a man of many talents not only musically but also as a writer.

Mark is also a co-founder of Schottenfest in Vienna along with Shane Ó Fearghail (Ireland) and Stuart Neville (Scotland).

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