Music from the Heart

Mark Peters and The Dark Band - Sum of All Parts (EP)

London-born and Vienna based songwriter Mark Peters has enchanted the listeners with his previous EP Spirits and now he's back with a brand-new offering called Sum of All Parts where he's joined by The Dark Band. What an intriguing name, right? The sound might have slightly changed for the better, the full band arrangements benefit the songs but what remains the same is Peters' powerful songwriting and his distinctive vocal. You can't deny his London roots at times. His voice can be gentle and dreamy at one minute and strong the next.

 The title track, Sum Of All Parts, starts gently and  generally develops into a full sound, ending in a choir which gives the song an incredible boost and power.

"..the older I become the less I believe in anything...."

In contrast, Failure Is My Friend, is a heartfelt ballad that fully showcases Peters'vocal abilities. As the song suggests, we should accept that even the down side of our efforts is part of what we do and we have to keep going regardless.

Bone Dry is probably most upbeat track from this collection, the full band sound only highlights Peters'talent not only as a musician but also as a singer. At the beginning he's almost wailing which completely changes with the chorus where his voice gains strength. 

Highs and Lows calms everything down again, its overall feel is different from the rest, bluesy, with the lead of the electric guitar. Feeling like drinking wine on your front porch and watching sunset? This would be perfect backround tune for you.

 " it's these highs and lows that keep me going strong..."

Mark Peters proved again he's a good writer capable of writing both romantic and powerful stuff and with the band behind him the songs are taken to an exciting direction. Makes you think four songs isn't enough.

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