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Marc Redman - This Precious Love (single)

Marc Redman from Dublin first picked up the guitar at the age of 14, played in many bands as a teenager, kept learning the craft over the years. He recorded a CD of Irish songs while writing his own material. After gigging of solid 10 years he took a break to build a family life and his own bussiness. Now he's back on the scene as a rock singer and guitarist.


When exploring the singer/songwriter scene in Dublin he came across a beautiful song written by a friend  that resonated with him so much that he not only did his own version but this song actually made him go back to writing his own material.

Marc's vocal is evocative and you might shed a tear while listening to this. The song itself feels haunting at times ("too young to realize, some day you'll understand, time grows older and people too...:) but very honest with the emotions pouring out.

An emotionallly charged piece written mainly about his youngest son, expressing the parental love but also the fear the kids might grow up too quickly and the bond and moments parents get to share with their kids might disappear.  The song also made him realize how fortunate he is to have healthy kids, that not everyone is that lucky. That's why he's donating all the money raised from the song to Aoife’s Clown Doctors who brighten up the lives of sick children.

This Precious Love is  has been released on iTunes and went straight in at no.2 in the Singer/Songwriter charts, and no.27 in the overall. Marc is planning to release his first album in the early 2019.

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