Music from the Heart

Manukahunney Blue - Watershed (single)

A collective of talented singers and musicians with a love for that authentic soul and R&B sound. The Manukahunney brand, from Bangor, Co.Down, Northern Ireland,  has developed since 2012 and now promotes TWO bands offering different types of soul to lovers of soul music.  Manukahunney, a 7-9 piece Soul funk band that offers high energy soul, funk  music particularly from the 60s and 70s and fresh takes on the songs of great artists like Aretha Franklin and Wilson Picket,  interweaving recognised hits with classic Motown and hot Northern Soul.  Manukahunney BLUE (MH Blue)  is the second band to emerge out of the Manukahunney brand.  MH Blue is the smaller soul collective that offers more laid back vibes, with fresh takes on artists like such as Roy Ayers,  Jill Scott,  Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill & Booker T. They combine soul  with blues, jazz and gospel, as well as original music of their own.

The latest single from Manukahunney Blue, Watershed, talks about all the lifechanging decisions we are faced with and finding ourselves at the crossroads. The song encourages us to be strong to do the right thing.

Siobhan Brown's warm soulful voice reminds you of the biggest soul and jazz divas. There's passion, there's skill, there are emotions, pulling the listener in. Optimism shines brighthly through and you cannot be sad or down listening to this. The passionate vocal leads us through the story like a skilled guide. And we're not scared or hesitant to follow.

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