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Mairéad Carroll - Can I Say I Love You One More Time? (single)

Mairéad Carroll is a singer, songwriter, musician, storyteller and poet from Co. Kildare, Ireland. "Can I Say I Love You One More Time?" is her debut single. Mairéad has recently performed with Pete Kavanagh as well as supporting him at the Moat Theatre in November 2021 and more recently as part of the June Fest performing at The Riverbank Theatre in Newbridge, Co. Kildare. She is currently showcasing her music in the Dublin singer/songwriter and creative circles.

Mairéad is looking forward to her first headline concert in the Moat Theatre in Naas on the 4th of November. On the night, she will be performing songs from her upcoming debut EP, "If The Stars Could See You Now". Mairéad’s songs are rooted in her love of people, nature, music and poetry. She loves to connect and share her music, stories and songs with audiences. This is the magic of live music. 

"Can I Say I Love You One More Time" is a song that centres on the loss of Mairéad’s beloved brother John. She captures those precious conversations she shared in those final hours. Evoked with tenderness and honesty leading the listener on a journey to their hearts. Mairéad’s love for her brother lives on in this song and as she sings "I love you, I love you, I love you". 

Mairéad believes in the healing powers of music, and she would love that her song heals another's as artists have done for her heart in her grieving. This song is a celebration of love and a reminder to enjoy our today's and not to worry about tomorrow. Tender, raw, deeply evocative yet gentle and full of love at the same time, it teaches us probably one of the biggest lessons in life, the love remains even after our bodies cease to exist.

"I'll be the prettiest star in the sky. I'll be the summer rain, the autumn breeze, snowflake in winter"

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