Music from the Heart

Luke Clerkin - Second Starts (EP)

Dublin singer/songwriter Luke Clerkin has built a strong reputation as one of the hardest working musicians on the current Irish music scene with over 250 gigs across the country in the year 2015. Having played events both big and small and enjoyed the spotlight of the capital's most prestigious venues, he's now coming with a new EP entitled Second Starts.

Will I Fly is a powerful ballad about dealing with a loss of a loved one. Haunting at times ("we watched each other grow, never thought i'd see you go so soon") and the feeling is only highlighted by the violin joining Luke's evocative vocal.

Ink Written Messages explores the theme of relationships of various kinds. Luke demonstrates his vocal range here and you are instantly aware he's able to captivate every listener and make them pay attention to what he sings. He's not forcing anything, it's simply there.

The title track is exploring the theme of relationships again, this time in a way when one of the partners has doubts and the other tries to convince his loved one he's true and means every word he says.

The artist himself describes this record as the start of a new chapter is his musical life.


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