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Luke Clerkin - Nocturnal (single)

There are songwriters known for their honesty. Dubliner Luke Clerkin is one of them. Award-winning musician who played 250 gigs in the year 2015 is also known to be a mental health activist. He's back releasing music after more than a year, started with Stones (originally being his debut single back in 2016), he now brings the latest single Nocturnal which shows a new direction of his songwriting. The new direction can be clearly noticed in the full band sound but one thing remains, the focus on the words and the message. This is the second single from Clerkin's upcoming EP called What Little Time We Have.

Catchy pop song with almost danceable melody features Clerkin's trademark vocal and the storytelling he's known for. He takes the listener deep into the mind of somebody who's looking back on the past relationships, all kinds of feelings going through his mind. We all know that feeling when you are in love yet not sure how the relationship is gonna continue or whether there will be any at all. Nerves and excitement, wanting this to be  "the one."

" should have left hours ago but I can see that you don't want to..."

"..maybe this time we get it right...."

The artwork also beautifully captures the romantic theme. There is something inviting about the dark. Can you imagine all the emotions the darkness is hiding? How many secrets has the Moon witnessed already....

 Artwork: Sabarius Art

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