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Luke Clerkin - Live From The Library (EP)

Luke Clerkin is a two time Sports and Cultural Council Song-Writing competition winning singer-songwriter. His music has gained international airplay and support, whilst also topping the Irish Singer Songwriter Charts on multiple occasions. Luke is known mostly for playing over 250 gigs in 2015, as a way of honing his craft. Since then he has headlined famous Dublin venues such as Whelan’s, The Workman’s Club, and The Button Factory. His music has brought him all over the world, with multiple tours of Germany, as well as festival slots in America,  UK, and Ireland.

After a busy 2022 which saw Luke release his Owl Compass EP, play slots at Electric Picnic and headline a sold out Cobblestone show, 2023 will see Luke release a live EP recorded as part of a residency at North Clondalkin Library. Luke will then tour Ireland in late April with Bríd Lyons before embarking on a busy festival season. 2023 will also see Luke start recording his long awaited debut album, which has an expected November release.

Clerkin has built a reputation for honesty in his songs, not being shy to show the vulnerability. This is even more evident on this live recording. In the opening track "Normal people", inspired by the TV series of the same, you all the heartbreak in his voice,all the insecurities, everything that makes us who we are. "Why can't we just be like normal people?" says it all.

The voice is heavy with emotions throughout the recording, on the verge of breaking at times, showing us the singer is a human being too. There is nothing more needed to make an impact on a listener. His lyrics are deep, resonating strongly.

Fall in Line is laced with romance, full of hope for a potential relationship, daydreaming of what if... but in the end realizing the harsh reality...The lyrics show determination despite all odds.

Mistakes is the most vulnerable track of them all. Clerkin is literally exposing his bare heart to us, showing his emotional fragility. 

"I want no sympathy and mercy of the world to follow me"

In fact, vulnerability is Clerkin's triumph card. He plays it and he wins again.

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