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Louis McTeggart - I Used to Dance (single)

Louis McTeggart is a singer/songwriter based in Derry, Northern Ireland and he is now releasing his new single “I Used to Dance”. Louis is an accomplished and talented musician and songwriter who has travelled the world performing, recording and collaborating for over 20 years. He is now excited to release what he feels is the best song he has wrote in a long time.

Louis wrote “I Used to Dance” during the second lockdown of 2020 after watching the viral video of Marta Gonzalez, the amazing lady and Alzheimer’s sufferer who was filmed dancing
along beautifully to “Swan lake” in the Muro De Alcoy care home in Valencia, Spain in 2019. The way Marta came to life as soon the music started brought Louis to tears and he felt she was a beacon of hope in a time of great sadness and uncertainty. 

Discovering the video was especially inspiring to Louis as he had performed regularly over the years in care homes for Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers and had seen first-hand how music can bring so much happiness and transport them back to amazing times in their lives.

They say we shouldn't live in the past and we should rather look towards the future but there are cases, such as the moment described in this song, where it's inevitable or even more - where the past is more pleasant and more bearable than the present. The soft, nostalgic melody, enhanced by the strings, gets even more evocative when McTeggart starts to sing. His vocal is delicate, heavy with emotions. The mood changes in the chorus into more uplifting where he shows his vocal range. Everything goes quiet in the verse again, turning into a whisper at the end which is a very poignant moment.

 "I used to cry, some nights were lonesome but I would give my only breath just to have them back again"

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