Music from the Heart

Lorraine Nash - Winter Sun (single)

Following up the successful release of her debut EP Wildflower and its well-received singles, ‘Wildflower’, ‘Changing Tides’ and ‘River’, 21 year old Cork multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Lorraine Nash releases her new single ‘Winter Sun’ As evenings start to draw closer with summer heat long gone ‘Winter Sun’ captures the bright light of romance alongside the chill of disappointment. Lorraine’s song writing is filled with lyrical beauty and her newest single ‘Winter Sun’ is no exception. With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place Lorraine consulted with producer Herring Ahern and drew up a plan to record ‘Winter Sun’ remotely before being sent to studio for finishing touches. It was then mixed and mastered in Clonmoyle East by Herring Ahern with bass and drums from Jason O’Driscoll.

The song starts with the atmospheric piano notes and when Nash's voice joins in, the listener gets a pleasant surprise as her voice is warm, soulful and deeper you may expect for someone her age. Isn't the age just a number after all? The whole feel of the song matches its the title perfectly, attacks our imagination and brings the warmth in the cold. The strings add an evocative layer to already powerful and well-crafted piece. It shows Nash as a somebody who found her place on the scene, found her sound and is developing it further with each new release.

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