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Lorraine Nash - Sing with Her (single)

The independent release of her debut EP Wildflower in 2020 saw stunning newcomer and multi-instrumentalist, 21 year old Cork songwriter Lorraine Nash, quickly become one of the most played female artists on Irish radio. A spellbinding, live-streamed set at Cork Opera House in December by the Kerry singer songwriter led to her signing with FIFA Records, to release the first track, ‘Sing With Her’, from her impending debut long player.

‘Sing With Her’ was inspired by the #WhyNotHer movement and its revelations of gender inequality within the Irish music industry. It’s a call for musicians to stand together to ensure the industry is a level playing field. ‘Sing With Her’ sees Lorraine reach deep into the roots of country music, finding her own voice within it. Full of swagger, while showcasing a playfulness with lyrics and an ear for clever arrangement that has become her signature, Lorraine Nash has come into her own and is unapologetic about it.

Irish artists and creative souls all over the world have shown their resilience and drive to continue to create art during the past 12 months of the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions. It was an unlikely time to announce herself but Lorraine Nash has gone from strength to strength using it to develop her home studio as well as recording and filmography skills in order to continue to release music. In consultation with producer Herring Ahern Lorraine is putting together a very special record that she is excited to share with the world.

The arrangement of the new single and the style in which Nash delivers the song reminds of the old English folk ballads. The dramatic ones in particular where you are expecting the tragic ending. Not so much here eventhough the subject is serious enough. It illustrates more than enough the songwriter's job to observe the surroundings and react. With this song, Lorraine Nash shows her maturity as a songwriter and she found her sound and her place in the industry.

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