Music from the Heart

Lonnieclaire - Flock o'Fakes (single)

Debuting back in the 90's with a 4-song cassette demo, Lonnieclaire from New York, USA,  continues to refine their sound and make spirited choices in tonality, structure and texture. With the perfect combination of grit, driving guitar and gutsy songwriting, the band hasn’t given up the conviction that rock can spur the spirit.

Their new single Flock o'Fakes is a hard and heavy track, centered around drums and screaming guitars, the vocals are a bit weary yet the drums maintain a steady rhytm and create a dense vibe. Even the vocals are somewhat emotionally charged and driven to their limits.

Flock o'Fakes is the title track of their new album, to be released in November 2022. You can pre-order the album on their Bandcamp page

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