Music from the Heart

Loah - This Heart (EP)

They say music heals all wounds, helps you whenever you're in need. And in case of this artist with a degree in pharmacy, this sentence is true twice as much.
Loah, of Irish/Sierra Leonean origin, easily turns different elements of her culture into a mesmerizing combination she calls ArtSoul.

NEW EP "This Heart" is a collection of deeply personal songs of an artist who has worked with people like Hozier, Villagers or Kíla, performed for example at Electric Picnic, the Dublin Fringe Festival and also took part in last year's Imagining Home: This is Ireland at National Concert hall in Dublin, an evening of music and poetry put together by Glen Hansard.

The African influence is clearly noticed in "Unveiled" where Loah demonstrates her vocal accompanied gently by acoustic guitar.
The song "Cortége", sung in Sherbro, an ancient language of her grandfather's tribe in Sierra Leone, tells a story of what many refer to as the strongest bond in the world - maternal love, something that's keeping families together.

The entire EP presents diverse styles but shows the singer feels comfortable in all of them.
Impressive live performer, Loah is certainly an artist we should keep an eye on, who gently drags us into her world and you feel you have always been there.

Be ready for the unexpected.

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