Music from the Heart

Little Storms - MRC (single)

Little Storms are a 3 piece band from Teconnaught in Co Down, Northern Ireland. Band members are Tim (Drums and Percussion), Eugene (Bass/Vocals) and Paul (vocals/guitar/keys). They have been playing music for quite a while, mostly around the cover/wedding band circuit in Belfast. With lockdown wiping out the live scene they started to concentrate on writing and recording their own material over the last 18 months, using a home studio.

MRC starts gently with a pleasant combination of guitar and keys, the vocals carry a lot of emotions and it only adds to the overall feeling of nostalgia. The dynamic picks up in the chorus, it seems to be a little bit more upbeat yet the melancholy stays. The lead singer shows his potential, putting the right amount of energy and feelings into the song as required. There is romance, hope, honesty in the words. This is surely an interesting endeavour, feels like a taste of things to come.

"Keep me in your heart, keep me in your heart
Further down the road keep me in your heart
No matter where you are, no matter where you go
Keep me in your heart"

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