Music from the Heart

Little Butler - Little Butler (EP)

Little Butler is a singer/songwriter from County Meath, Ireland. He has played shows throughout Ireland as well as UK, America, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Having traveled to Adelaide, Australia in 2017 to begin recording his debut EP, it was here he teamed up with renowned producer and mix engineer, Mick Wordley in Mix Masters Studios. During January, February and March of 2018, the Little Butler EP was recorded with the help of local Adelaide musicians, Kelly Menhennet, Chris Parkes, Julien Ferraretto and Richard Coates. The Irish proverb, “Music is what emotions sound like” really is something that can be found in Little Butler’s lyrics and music and the EP is something that will surely pull the heart strings of the listener.

The EP opens with Don't Let Them Get Away which has a slight country twist. Little Butler's warm and soft voice goes perfectly together with the gentle piano and the strings add the heartfelt feel to the song. There's something magical in such a special arrangement. Nothing else is needed. Honesty at its best.

Streetlights shows the delicate part of Little Butler's voice in its full glory. An optimistic vibe to the track brings hope and expectations of the brighter future.

"because the best is yet to come and I won't stop till I'm done"

Coming Home changes the mood to more nostalgic. It gives you a sense of reuniting with an old flame, especially when the female vocal joins in. Sometimes love is still there after all these years and it's worth a second chance. "Nobody can say we never tried because we never failed"

Given Time starts with a beautiful guitar strumming and the gentle strokes of a piano once again. The piano takes the song to a different level, it appears here and there but there's a sense of importance, it's chosen carefully.

This Life concludes this collection in the best way. Once again, honest lyrics dealing with gratitude, looking back on life in a retrospective and being grateful for everything that happened, for everything one has. It's a heartwarming song in a true sense of the world. It makes you realize what a fortune it is to find a true love and live a happy life together. So stop for a while and count your blessings.

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