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Lisa Gorry - It Was You (And Me) (single)

Kildare native Lisa Gorry is no stranger to Irish music scene, where her combination of relatable lyrics and tender vocal tones have been honed to craft an intimate performance style. Last year she performed to the packed audience at Ruby sessions, her lyrics echo the sentiment of young Joni Mitchell with the vocal prowess of Dusty Springfield and emotive power of Janis Joplin. She released her first single, "Parts", in August 2019 to sellout launch party in the Vintage Room of The Workmans Club in Dublin and has been releasing consistently since then. Her debut EP "Is It Me?" came out in October 2020.

She now returns with the single "It Was You (And Me) and announces a new EP of the same name, to be released on October 28th. The 4-track pop-rock EP brings resolution to Gorry's debut EP and it's also the first release with the new manager, Lia Lieghio of One Productions. Where "Is It Me" asked questions, "It Was You(And Me)" delivers answers. This is aided by the musicians who helped bring these tracks to life, as arranged by Theodora Byrne: Maria Ryan on strings, Laura McCabe on cello, Shay Sweeney on drums and Jack Hussey on bass, as well as Kevin Brennan of Wavefarm Productions.

The new single "It Was You (And Me)" brings attention to importance of doing the work and being able to come into a new relationship with new eyes and heart wide open. The next single released of the new EP is called "Home" and illustrates the peace that can be found in being honest with both yourself and your partner and was written in the latter stages of lockdown with the aid of a songwriting circle prompt.

About the new single Gorry says " It was the last song to be written for the EP and it was written for the purpose of having a single with EP's name as I thought the message was important. This single, and the EP as a whole I suppose, is answering the title of the first EP, Is It me?" and was a reminder to myself of the work I had done in the wake of past relationships to become stronger and more self-reliant, and how, while it helped along by a loving partner who sought to understand, it was me who had to put in the foundational work first to then be able to express myself and set boundaries within a new relationship. It was written in a couple of hours, and came together very naturally and in advisory tone that I hope listeners can hear and think "this was written for me.""

This gentle track carries Gorry's vocal like a light in the dark. The warm, honest tone of the vocal makes the listener relate to the words. The strings are unmissable part of this kind of song, add to the personable feel. Deeply introspective track from which you emerge stronger and hopefully wiser.

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