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Lisa Gorry - Is It Me? (EP)

Kildare native Lisa Gorry is no stranger to Irish music scene, where her combination of relatable lyrics and tender vocal tones have been honed to craft an intimate performance style. Last year she performed to the packed audience at Ruby sessions, her lyrics echo the sentiment of young Joni Mitchell with the vocal prowess of Dusty Springfield and emotive power of Janis Joplin. Is It Me? is her debut EP and brings songs about love, loss and longing.

Outside has some beautiful atmospheric soundscapes centered around Gorry's angelic vocal. The strings are particularly powerful element on this track. Quite haunting in fact. The song explores the feeling of being an observer of relationships but not a participant.

" I just want to learn how to learn thy touch without falling into my old ways."

Fleeting was released as a first single from the EP. Simple guitar strum melody and drumbeats surround lyrics about love and heartbreak of seeking the energy from other people but the energy is not there.

Same offers a different viewpoint, by delving into the inner dialogue that plays out when we do meet a new potential person and the fear that this meeting brings.

Embers might be the shortest track but certainly is the most interesting.  Mostly a cappella showcasing Gorry's vocal in full. Beautiful way to close the EP, in a lingering homage to those connections that stay with us long after they’ve finished

The simple arrangements are more than suitable for the songs and Lisa Gorry only confirms what those who've heard or seen her perform already know - she's a passionate performer who's already made her mark on the scene and this is just the start of an amazing journey for this young lady.

photo: Patrick Gorry

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