Music from the Heart

Lisa Gorry - Down (single)

Kildare native Lisa Gorry is no stranger to Irish music scene, where her combination of relatable lyrics and tender vocal tones have been honed to craft an intimate performance style. Last year she performed to the packed audience at Ruby sessions, her lyrics echo the sentiment of young Joni Mitchell with the vocal prowess of Dusty Springfield and emotive power of Janis Joplin. "Down" is her second single after having released her debut " Parts" to great acclaim in August 2019.

It all starts quietly with a gentle guitar and the signature vocals of Gorry where you can clearly understand every word and the attention is drawn to the meaning. As the song progresses, the strings add even more emotions to the song and it builds up to the powerful chorus.

Although the vibe seems to be a bit sad, there are signs of positivity such as the line  " You did the best you could with the tools at hand" which makes you believe things aren't as bad as they seem.

Another fine example of Gorry's songwriting is demonstrated in the line "you were strong and you were brave but you must learn how to behave"

She is definitely a rising star worth keeping an eye on. And if you wonder what makes her stand out? The answer is simple. She's not trying to sound like somebody else, pretend something she's not. Everything is natural, nothing is forced and the result is pleasant to an ear.

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