Music from the Heart

Lindsey Farrow - Not Your Story (single)

Lindsey Farrow has a real passion for music, in her spare time she is a recording artist at E.B.A Records, specialising in popular music. Lindsey is also an administrator at Leeds City Council which she uses to help fund her passion. She sings straight from the heart, her songs are raw and heartfelt.

Her new single Not Your Story is a dynamic piano track where her soulful vocals are in the heart of it all. What starts just with the gentle piano later turns into an energetic number involving drums and infectious rhytm. Farrow demonstates her ability to portrate all the emotions required by the song by using both the high and the low registers of her voice.

Co-written with ZephyrHillMusic (it's their third collaboration), this song takes inspiration from the thought of feeling like a library book that people check out & return when they’ve taken all they want from it, ready for the next person to do the same.. We all know those people.Not a pleasant encounter but it's a lesson you learn from, At least most of us. And our experiences shape us, make us who we are.

"You think you read me like a library book

But you don't bother to take a second look"

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