Music from the Heart

Lindsey Farrow - Never Add Up (single)

Lindsey Farrow has a real passion for music, in her spare time she is a recording artist at E.B.A Records, specialising in popular music. Lindsey is also an administrator at Leeds City Council which she uses to help fund her passion. She sings straight from the heart, her songs are raw and heartfelt.

Her new single "Never Add Up" was co-written with American songwriter Demi Michelle and this plaintive piano ballad truly pulls the heart strings. It shows the fragility, vulnerability of a human being when you suffer a loss and have to find the way to deal with it. Everybody grieves differently and this song shows that no matter how much time passes, when you miss someone, it still hurts the same way and you just learn to live with it. Farrow's vocal carries all the pain and it's even more evident in the chorus. Piano, played by Demi Michelle, adds the haunting layer to the track. These two have created something truly powerful that might help those who need it, to heal.

"Your laughter brought light to my world

And your silence was full of meaning

Sharing war stories over pieces of cake

Lines were never crossed, we forgave our mistakes"

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