Music from the Heart

Liam Oragh - The Arguments Against Insanity

New album by Dublin based storyteller Liam Oragh contains songs about madness, love, life, getting older. Oragh's style can be described as electro-acoustic alternative, semi-gothic, whatever the listener imagines behind that.

The new album follows the Hot Press Pick-of-the-Fortnight award-winning debut Only 2 late if you're dead. They say as an artist, you have to be original so that people can remember you. In Liam's case this is fulfilled without any shadow of doubt. Hearing his unique voice makes you think you've known this man for ages. The songs, combining serious themes with lighter ones, might feel slighly depressing to some but they're an honest observation of the reality in our society. The openness hits you and forces you to think about your own life, about its purpose and worth. And you may even recognize yourself in some of them (scary enough, don't you think?).

The singer's goal is to wake us up and highlight the fact we all need to be cautious and pay attention to the world around us (Oblivious) and also live the life to the fullest when we get a chance (Gone in a Heartbeat). Still sane or insane already? You will have to decide yourself. In a way, "we're all crazy" as the song 12 Monkeys says. One thing is for sure: Liam Oragh offers the best therapy: music.

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