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Let love be your arrow

Homecoming gigs are always very special. Tallaght musician Shane Ó Fearghail (currently based in Vienna) returned to play on the Irish soil on Thursday December 14th in a breathtaking location of St Maelruian's church. Right at the start of the gig Shane said he feels like he should say a mass. The congregation was cosy and the atmosphere warm. Decent lights only added to an intimacy of the night.

Molly Mallone and a sing along started the night and made everyone comfortable and part of the night. Shane returned to Dublin with new album They Might See Dolphins which demonstrates the versality of this charismatic and always smiling artist.

The Yukons supported Shane on this special night and cheered the crowd up, brought the Christmas atmosphere, warmed the audience voices for the main man. It all felt like a Christmas gathering of an extended family. A few of Shane's friends sang their songs too and the night passed by in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Shane even played a few brand-new songs including a beautiful ballad Colours written together with his girlfriend Sabine, an Austrian girl whom he met in Clonakilty in west Cork. Shane is an incredibly talented songwriter, his songs are real pieces of art and he pours his whole heart into each and every one of them.There came a time when Shane stepped into the aisle and walked back and forth (to get his setlist forgotten in the guitar case) and also to be closer to his audience.

Songs old and new, Wish you were here by Pink Floyd with Eamon, the soundman for the night, there was also a song  inspired by Quentin Tarantino, the song was written in Ireland. The stunning setting of the gig immediately gets into your heart and soul and you just feel overwhelmed by emotion sitting there at Christmas time listening to Shane's voice that just keeps getting better. You could spend all day listening to this man.

Photo: Shane Ó Fearghail and Jana Vondrusova

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