Music from the Heart

Laura Mulcahy - Once Upon a Time in The Sand Dunes (single)

You might be thinking it's too early for a Christmas song. But is this really a Christmas song? A County Clare based artist, writer and musician Laura Mulcahy has recorded a single called Once Upon a Time in The Sand Dunes. In her own words, she doesn't write music for everyone but there are ears for every song.

Laura Mulcahy recently successfully crowdfunded this project and at the same time she managed to gather funds for her next album.
The song has a beautiful oriental vibe and the lyrics present a vivid image full of hope and peace. Exactly what we're looking for in a Christmas song. But Mulcahy does it her own way. A bit unconventional, original and instantly recognizable.

The single will be officially launched on November 20th

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