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Lasse Matthiessen - When We Collided (EP)

Having been writing since he was a child, Danish songwriter Lasse Matthiessen's latest treat for his listeners is an EP called When We Collided. A collection of elevated and bittersweet symphonies, the EP profoundly explores different themes through Matthiessen’s touching and sincere songwriting style. Filled with rich lyrical storytelling, each track oozes a deep sense of honest emotion and raw passion. Born in Copenhagen, and now living part-time in Berlin, Matthiessen writes music to share stories. Having recorded the EP in an old bunker in the Kreuzberg area, he didn’t want to be limited by the technical restrictions of a ‘cool’ studio, and felt that this venue suited his expressive and raw sound perfectly. Lasse Matthiessen has supported artists such as Suzanne Vega, Anna Calvi or Glen Hansard and he hopes to work his way into the listener's hearts with the latest collection of impassioned tracks.

The title track features beautifully combined Matthiessen's deep rich vocal with the otherwordly harmonies by Sara Hartman. As if they were born to sing together. The two voices give the slightly romantic lyrics another dimension. Inspired by the nocturnal pulse of Paris in the summer, the song is as refreshing as the summer breeze.

Sycamore Trees comes with a delicate and playful melody. The guitar tones are sparkling like a water in the mountain stream. The melody echoes the wind in the trees.How appropriate!

In contrast, Sorte Søer has the full band sound you imagine on a big stage. And a dark vibe that you may asociate with Scandinavia. Isn't it wonderful when singers use their mother tongues? In current musical climate where almost everybody uses English. Once again, so refreshing, mystical and unique.

Broken Choir has a lighter vibe in terms of the lyrical content. Matthiessen's vocal is truly enchanting, drawing the listener in, inviting strangers to his world. He creates magical soundscapes hard to resist.

Alchemist Fire presents the Lasse Matthiessen the fans of his older material know and love.  The arrangement gives his vocal an opportunity to shine. The depths of the voice are haunting and effortless at the same time. Don't you imagine the wast northern woods as you listen? But don't worry, the only thing you'll get lost in here is the music.

Lasse Matthiessen is currently working on new material and it will be another addition to his captivating collection.

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