Music from the Heart

Lōwli - Cavalry (single)

Boston-born, formerly based in Galway and now in Dublin, with a sound that can’t be tied down; Roisin Lowry is Lōwli: an exhilarating artist whose music marries ‘beautifully arranged melodies’ (Tony Clayton-Lea, Irish Times) with ‘haunting, angelic vocals’ (Hot Press). Lōwli’s debut EP, Feathers, was produced by Christian Best (Mick Flannery, Jack O’Rourke) at Monique Studios. Its hibernal, otherworldly feel comes to life through Lōwli’s beguiling voice; and nearly a year on, is still a release to brace yourself for. Even so, Feathers is just the first taste of ‘a performer with a keen sense for the dramatic twists and turns’ (Jim Carroll, Irish Times).

Lowli’s latest release, Cavalry, possesses all the qualities of its namesake: powerful, commanding, impactful. Cavalry is about coming to terms with the limits of human
mortality. Once again, Lowli displays an enviable talent for creating a narrative within her music that links the broader challenges the world currently faces, with the more intimate battles we wage with ourselvesto be better, bolder, and braver.

Ethereal soundscape surrounding powerful lyrics, delivered by the angelic vocal, makes the listener drop everything at least for a moment, look around and perhaps re-evaluate the life and its positives and negatives to date. Hearing the line " the cavalry is falling" in the chorus gives the sense of uneasiness, need for a change. Makes you realize we're here only for a visit and nobody actually knows how long that visit is going to be.

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