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KinetiX - Red Line (single)

KinetiX is comprised of 3 brothers from Co. Offaly, Ireland - Arthur (drums), Ademar (keys/synths), and Theodore (vocals). They amalgamate a variety of elements from differing genres into their music, to create their unique style of pop music. Arthur, Theodore and Ademar Stones began learning traditional Irish music, on the banjo, fiddle and button accordion. They enjoyed success in the traditional Irish music scene, collectively winning 23 All-Ireland solo medals at Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann competitions. In 2010, they played on the Late Late Toy Show, playing the accordion, banjo and bouzouki.

Arthur went on to form Irish band Ruaile Buaile’, which he toured with for 7 years, playing festivals across America, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, Europe and Ireland. Arthur also enjoyed seeing their single Maniac’ go viral in 2017, gaining millions of Spotify and Youtube streams.

In 2017 the 3 brothers began work on KinetiX , a project they are determined to see succeed. They put their heads together, writing, producing and recording demos until they came up with their own unique sound. In 2019, they were confident they had a catalogue of songs ready to release. They began work inDiffusion Labstudios, with renowned producers, Chris Bubenzer and Marcin Ciszczon. They now work out of their own studio in Offaly, but they say they owe a lot of their learning to these two producers.

The talented brother trio are living in the fast lane with their latest party-pop anthem Red Line - a song that knows how to groove with its fat synth beats, fun lyrics, and an unmatched energy that will have you sipping on the hair of the dog and ready for round two. Red Line touches on the vices that accompany late nights, hazy days and hacking hangovers; the epitome of a good time in the post-pandemic world. In addition to providing a slate of banging rhythms and big drops, Red Line has been purposefully produced in a way that transports the listener into the depths of a maniacal bender. In fact, the thumping beat heard at the first drop was inserted as a means to mimic the thumping inside one’s head following a heavy night out in town.

"You can take these pills red, white and blue

They go down, down, down with a pack of beer

Then your eyes go dark and you cannot hear

I might tie you up, see what you got"

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