Music from the Heart

Kíla - Alive Beo

Described as contemporary Irish folk/world music group, Kíla  has taken Irish traditional music to a new level. The energy from their gigs stays with you for a long time. You can relive the atmosphere with their latest album Alive Beo which is a live album that captures the best of the band.

A group of multiinstrumentalists with different musical backround drawn together by passion for music. Stunning live recording that shows why this band is so loved and so acclaimed. The energy is contagious even from the recording and you can't help but tap your feet along or even dance along. They maybe on the scene for three decades but it seems in their case the age doesn't exist. Fresh as ever, Kíla keeps thrilling the audiences. They could easily settle into the certainty of always finding the audience but this band keeps coming with something new and exciting. One of the distinctive features is the Irish language. Not only all the songs are as Gaeilge but the language is used at the gigs too. And of course, don't forget Rónán Ó Snodaigh, a charismatic frontman and one the most innovative bodhrán players in Ireland. From the first tune to the very last, these guys take you on a mystical journey into a different world. A band like no other.

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