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Kieran Mulvihill - From the Outside Looking In (EP)

Kieran Mulvihill is a solo artist from county Kerry. His songs aim to shed the light on things that make us unique, bring us together, tear us apart and keep us sane. He captivates the audience with his emotive lyrics and storytelling. Kieran supported acts like Glen Hansard, Damien Dempsey and has been gigging around the Dublin circuit for the past two years either solo or with the band.

His debut EP From the Outside Looking In was produced by Karl Odlum whom some of the readers might know from Mic Christopher's band The Mary Janes. Mic Christopher's music is a great inspiration for Mulvihill so to record an EP with his producer is certainly a dream come true. But he's not trying to imitate the sound of the artists he looks up to, he keeps his own unique sound.

I'll Be Your Man When The Sun Goes Down is an upbeat track that clearly shows the talent of this young songwriter.

The title track tries to capture the experience of someone moving to another location trying to get familiar with, facing the anonymity of people around you.  Perhaps Kieran is speaking from his own personal observation here.

No Fruit to Bear brings up the melancholy and nostalgia of growing up outside the big cities.The overall feeling of the song is quite sad but there's happiness at the same time of being able to experience those times and have those memories. It also reflects the relationships a bit " I won't settle down if you're not there" ). Kierran's guitar playing skills can't be forgotten, it's something you will enjoy through the whole album.

Closing track Daydreamin' makes us think of Mic Christopher's song of the same name at first. Mic is certainly present in the lyrics of this song.

Kieran Mulvihill waves the flag of Irish songwriting high and might not be too long till we see him on a big stage with a big orchestra behind. Isn't that a mouthwatering combination?


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