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Kevin Walsh - Embrace the World (single)

Cork singer, songwriter and musician Kevin Walsh released his debut single,  Embrace the World, in what he terms, “a gesture of hope for autism awareness in the community for Ireland and beyond.” Kevin, who was diagnosed as autistic at age 5, has faced many challenges in his journey to becoming a professional musician. . He graduated from MTU (formerly CIT) Cork School of Music with First Class Honours BMus and MA degrees, having achieved the award of Highest Placed Student for three consecutive years.

Embrace the World, a symphonic ballad, with its rock undertone and wide array of vocal styles, was inspired by some of Kevin’s favourite musical theatre ensemble numbers. Inspiration for the vocal composition of the track came from supergroups formed by Bob Geldof, Michael Jackson and Irish Women In Harmony, as it features an eclectic mix of talented vocalists; Emma Langford, Ger O’Hanlon, Lisa Curran, Molly Lynch, Rebecca Houlihan, Stephen Gormley, Caroline Kay and Mark Daly. “By embracing widely different vocal styles within our super group performance, I wanted to allude to the variety within Autistic diagnoses, as each person on the spectrum is an individual with different support needs and ranges of abilities.”

Eclectic mix of vocals, backed by the athemic sound, creates a powerful track carrying the message of hope and encouragement. If you wanna achieve anything in life, it starts with you believing in yourself and following your heart.

The song topped the Irish iTunes on the release day.

"But stand up for your dreams and your tribe will soon appear
If you believe then the path will be revealed"

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