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Keith O'Connell - The Mirror of My Soul (single)

Dublin based singer-songwriter Keith O'Connell released his debut album, 'Genetic Lottery' in September 2016. He  studied music in Ballyfermot's Rock College in Dublin for two years and then proceeded to study music in CSN in Cork for another year and has also completed the music performance course in Kylemore College and is now concentrating on recording and performing his songs.He has played support to various artists including Aslan, Bagatelle and Picturehouse. Keith describes his style as "catchy, melodic pop-rock", and in his live performances, he plays both keyboards and acoustic guitar to complement his songs

His new single called The Mirror of My Soul is a great example of aforementioned description. O'Connell's vocal is warm, with distinctive accent. You'll especially enjoy the long notes he sings, it sounds so pleasant and natural. The steady drumbeat creates a backround for an energetic song where the guitar riffs are quite essential. The lyrics are almost philosophical and you don't just pass them by but think about as you listen.

Here are O'Connell's words about the song : "The writing of the song was inspired many years ago while studying the poem Mirror in February by Thomas Kinsella in English class in secondary school. At the time my mother was in hospital in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage, and the teacher I had at the time said "the eyes are the mirror of your soul" With both these things in mind I wrote the song, but due to the personal theme of the song, I held off finishing, recording and releasing the song until now. "

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