Music from the Heart

Keith McLoughlin - Big Joe (single)

What happens when you go from writing for/with artists to singing a song yourself? It's certainly a big courageous step forward. Keith McLoughlin releases his debut single as a performer with a track called Big Joe. The song covers the story line of a man called Big Joe who Keith served for many years in the pub. Joe would tell Keith his life story from his working life, to drinking, smoking, living the high life.

Big Joe takes on a country style song with Keith’s vocals added to Grace Day’s backing and mandolin plus Enid Conaghan on violin. The song was recorded at Beardfire Studio giving the full sound of guitars, bass, drums. The storytelling in the song seems to be a classic Irish tale of a life of someone, with all ups and downs and positive, or at least hopeful, ending.

McLoughlin has been writing songs for many years including co-writing with the likes of Chris Short, Gillian Tuite and Grace Day. Keith has released songs he has co-written with these artists including getting performers Denise Brennan on “Raise A Glass To New Year”, Olivia Burke on “You’re Alive”, Rachel Greene on “Without You” and Chris Short on “Your Smile”. It is whole another adventure to step up behind the scenes and sing the songs yourself. And he managed to do this really well, making the listener want to hear more.

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